Or alternative rock?

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Mainly alternative rock i think, but i think a few of their songs are considered punk rock
Would that mean no? I'm still confused on what even classifies something as punk rock

berry [iz nutz liek antz] [;] said:

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what the f***.

Punk is such an over-used genre.  When I think of Punk, I think of The Misfits, Op Ivy, Dead Kennedys, NoFX, etc....


As far as style of music, I'd say "Possiblities" is the most Punk weezer gets, but even that song is just Pop-Punk - like a Green Day, Blink 182, or MxPx song.


I would classify Weezer as Alternative Rock.  Not too heavy like Foo Fighters (hard rock), but not as poppy as Train (pop rock).

I would just put weezer in the alternative rock category as Gregor said.


punk rock is something that is confusing because it is an image and a type of music. It actually originated as an intellectual movement in the 20th century. A lot of people after world war 1 started to lose faith in the world and in humanity, which started a lot of artistic movements such as DADA. Dada is a very confusing form of art where anything is possible and often shows very odd collections and artwork that have many meanings. But then a group called the situationists started and had a heavy influence from dada. They started the situationists international in france in 1968 which carried over to Britain and the united states. In usa bands such as MC5 and the stooges, new york dolls started to bring in the type of punk image to the stage. Back in Britain Malcolm McLaren started a huge wave with his shop called "sex" which sold punk style clothing, this is where the sex pistols were born. Punk kinda takes off from there with the clash, and the ramones back in the us. The style of music is intense, often played with only a couple of notes and the lyrics are powerful.

I dont think weezer tried to go for that style of music, i think they just wanted to play songs that they enjoyed. I dont think theres any songs bashing the government or society in general from weezer. Modern punk is difficult to explain though, I honestly don't know many punk bands out there anymore. I thought Green day was somewhat punk in its early ages but I'm not sure. Billy's other band pinhead gunpowder still has that punk sound to it though.


hope that helps! =w=

Alternative rock is such a broad term. It could cover pretty much anything
kind of like how you use "indie." i wonder why that is...

Indiekid said:
Alternative rock is such a broad term. It could cover pretty much anything
alternative.....there is NOTHING punk about Rivers!
Hell no. If you used to be a metalhead, you can't be punk. Just can't happen. Weezer is mainstream pop rock. But GOOD mainstream pop rock. My definition of punk is like The Germs, Minutemen, X, The Descendants, Bad Brains. That's only cuz my dad was a punk rocker in high school. So, no. Weezer is not punk rock at all. In my opinion.
Not even close to punk.
I like to belive that Weezer is the Genre of Weezer because I can't put a Genre on them because all of there songs/albums have different sounds to them, Blue-Green are considerd Punk but the albums are different in it's own unique way ;) I hope this helped you identify there Genre.

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