You have to wonder, after a Pinkerton Deluxe release, the memories tour, and the release of 2 albums recently, are the boys running low on dough? Rivers has never expressed a renewed interest in Pinkerton or really even most of the Blue album prior to the announcement of the tour, which as we all know was outrageously overpriced and funded by the State Farm insurance agency. And now they've recorded the State Farm theme?! Remember when Brian said that the Hurley clothing company was paying for the record to be made and that's why they were calling it "Hurley." Rivers was VERY quick to say they had nothing to do with the record, yet it is named Hurley, the company is thanked very profusely on the record, and the band did a photo shoot in Hurley clothes. Not to mention the Hurley/Weezer clothing line. Also, we all know Weezer recently denied a renewed contract with Geffen records, the most prestigious and most expensive record company in the world, in order to sign with the indie label Epitaph, which most musicians can attest to, takes less profit from album sales than labels such as Geffen. On top of all that, Rivers has recently expressed interest in releasing new Weezer music strictly online. Is this perhaps to cut the costs of album production? Weezer hasn't had any real success worth mention since Make Believe, now one of their least favored records, and with the continuous spiral down the musical toilet from Red to Rad to DTFM, what else could we expect? Beverly Hills, arguably the fan's last hit choice, is the band's highest grossing single to date, and that was over half a decade ago now. What do you think?

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I think it's a case of being commercially bankrupt rather than in the literal sense.
well if thats the case, i dont have a clue................

Robert Hill said:
I think it's a case of being commercially bankrupt rather than in the literal sense.

Blueperton said:
You know, dinosaurs are extinct...

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

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