Rivers Cuomo hasnt aged since 1994. Anyone else agree that he looks almost exactly the same in every music video?

Maybe he sleeps in an oxygen chamber like Michael Jackson did?

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he definitely looks basically the same, without the glasses and get up he still looks basically like the guy in the say it aint so video. hes got good skin
Yes he is. =w=
Are we all talking about the same guy? Kurt Cobain after he faked his own death, yeah?
He's just the music industries version of Micheal J. Fox.
Aging does not indicate mortality. He will live forever.
His voice certainly still sounds basically the same as it did ten years ago

Rivers Cuomo and Ralph Macchio are both immortal.



Quote of the century:

Mayra Covert said:

hes got good skin
He's bald now! And wrinkly! You're a complete idiot!
Is this thread immortal?
he better be
He takes care of himself and gets to do what he loves for a living.  He's truly one of a kind.

Cherrie said:

His voice certainly still sounds basically the same as it did ten years ago


Not really, unfortunately. This video comes to mind when I think of his voice today:

and here he is singing the same song around 10 years ago:


I've noticed that his tone has really been suffering in the last year or two. That may be a side-effect from his more active stage persona though. For the most part, he sounded terrific on the Memories tour when he wasn't jumping on trampolines, scaling the scaffolding and running around the venue like a little kid.


It's a shame that it is starting to be noticeable and really I hope the damage is reversible. Rivers has a beautifully unique voice and it'd be horrible to see it go to sh*t. I'm really thankful that he does take good care of himself health-wise, he's doing all he can to ensure he gets the most mileage out of his voice and it could be a lot worse if he still did drugs/drank alcohol.

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