I'd like to know.

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why do you ask?
hmm.. haha

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
i'd tell you the truth but i don't want to be banned.

I'm doing my own little investigation and it involves knowing whether or not Rivers Cuomo is a Freemason.


I also wonder where these celebrities find the need to become a Free mason. Who lures them into the system, and why?

oh boy.

im almost certin he is involved with if not the "freemasons", some form "elitist gang" that i belive most entertainers are involved with.

i wont even get into the crowley asspect of it.

"Everybody knows I've got the magic in me"
Clearly he is. How else do you think he got a record deal?
The answer to the question is

"who cares"

I care...because these higher ranking Free masons think it is there job to lead the people into the" light".

Something huge is going to happen soon and they know it. Everything ties together. FEMA

is it because of the symbol he did on one of those live videos on youtube?

free mason membership is now opened to all...


now, if he were a stone cutter...

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