I think it's not nice to just let go of everything and fart in front of your man / woman.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Depends on the situation.

At dinner in a resturaunt, probably not.

during sex, depends on what you're into

it's funny as f***

lol fart

Of course!

I always go "holy crap what's wrong with my belt loop, can you take a look since it's way in back?"

Then I try to wait until they get close and their mouth is open before letting one rip. Works every time.

Then, introduce yourself and offer to buy her a drink.


Elaborate please...

I love alpacas! So cute!

placemats said:

Just for that, I'm going to sponsor you

brofessefef said:

Farting during sex is a fantastic excuse to abuse her "sloppy fanny".

Not only is it ok, but I recommend it.  That's how I got my lady.

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