Is it me, or are the bonus tracks on the last 3 albums the best songs on the album?

    TRA had such crap as Cold Dark World and Heart Songs. Raditude was a fail. Hurley was good, only 2 weak tracks. But the bonus tracks? Simply amaznig. TRA had Miss Sweeney, Pig, The Spider, and King. 2 of my favorite Weezer songs (Miss Sweeney and Pig) are included. Raditude's bonus tracks include Get Me Some, Run Over By A Truck, The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World, and the Underdogs. All great songs, but why was the actual album a pile of crap? And Hurley, even though I enjoyed it, had All My Friends are Insects, Viva la Vida, I Want to Be Something, and Represent (Rocked Out Version). The thing is, I feel as if the bonus tracks were the best that each of those albums had to offer. Anyone feel the same way?

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I'm definitely glad that the bonus tracks were included, because they are good... I guess I don't understand why they weren't part of the "albums" in the first place... we should be thankful that we at least have gotten access to these songs...
Miss Sweeney and Pig and Run Over by a Truck and PGITWWW are all much better than the vast majority of album tracks yes. I think it's more a case of the songs being left off because they didn't fit into the style of the album (they decided to pick 'rubbish' as the style instead) and so were put onto bonus tracks so they were available anyway. Even the not so good bonus tracks feel like they wouldn't have a place on the album (King and Spider seem like failed experiments to me).

The real question is how many songs of that quality haven't been released at all. Hopefully, Death to False Metal with give us a clue.
I agree, except for the Hurley bonus tracks. Those are pretty much useless.
i see where youre comin from i definitely love all the red album bonus songs, the raditude ones are pretty good. the only exception as pointed out by WZA is Hurley. the bonus tracks are all pretty pointless to me except for I Want To Be Something
I see where you are coming from totally. But with Hurley, the best songs are on standard 9Besides Insects of course). Pig, Miss Sweeney, Run Over By A truck, PGITWWW, and The Underdogs are all totally better than the album.

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