not so sure if i like it too much.. some cool tunes, some tunes i don't like.. not sure yet. really like auto pilot, losing my mind and odd couple though... hmm.

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Trampoline is going to be the best on there.
i don't want your lovin sounds really good.

the rest is, meh. but they are just samples so hopefully i will like it better after hearing full songs. (i do enjoy blowin my stack and odd couple...and i didnt care for them at all when only hearing the 30 sec clips)
yeah i liked that too. unbreak my heart was odd..

Conner Petersen said:
Trampoline is going to be the best on there.
The 30 second clips actually made me ecstatic for the release. There are a few tracks I'm not too fond of, but overall it sounds amazing!
I really like I Don't Want Your Lovin. This version sounds great. I wasn't a huge fan of the version of it where it was just Rivers alone. Seems like putting the whole band into it really gave it what it needed

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