Hey, I was curious me and my cousin were listning to Im your daddy, we relised, hey is rivers singing "I will eat the goomba", so we looked it up the lyrics, and it said "I will egg the goomba", then we checked out other lyrics, and it said "I will ate the goomba", we looked in the rattitude lyric and it said " I will ape a goombah" just curious what it means, if you know, its interesting lyrics.


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Oh Nicky

It means he will mimic a man of Italian descent (hopefully he will be culturally sensitive).

it is a rough latin translation of "i will help polar bears rise up above mankind"
Haha! I JUST watched that movie ten minutes ago! IT IS AWESOME!!!

Paperface said:
God no.

Paperface said:
It's a Goomba!! I think goomba's are cute. :-D

Ricardo Mendez said:
I was really hoping for the nintendo reference, but the italien man makes more sense.

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