Say what you will about the Raditude record, about Freese on drums and Pat on guitar... to me, this is one of the greatest moments in Weezer's storied career. This performance brought out the full potential of "If You're Wondering..." and no other performance of the song has come close to reaching it.


I prefer this version to the blander, more pristine album version to be sure. This was also Rivers' best vocal performance when it comes to their 2009/10 TV appearances.


But what do you all think?

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I like this performance, especially with the rest of the backing band of the Letterman Show. 


the stage is ugly. luls
The horns are a really cool addition. This is one of the things I love about the discussion posts--I've learned about some really great performances that I missed the first time around. Thanks for sharing.
:-D Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Yeah, thanks for sharing. I really love that version of it.

I also like the version with Sara Bareilles.

i think it's one of their best performance it's only a shame Rivers isn't playing guitar.

i loved this performance-it was around halloween of last year, weezer played 2 nights in a row. the 2nd night was the halloween show during which the entire band rocked the snuggies both songs sound really great with the CBC Orchestra backing the mighty weez.

I disagree with the assertion that I'm Your Daddy sounded great. To me, the orchestra made the verses sound even more befuddling and awkward.

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