Hi guys,

My name's Alan and I've been a huge Weezer fan for about ten years now. Despite the naysayers, I've thoroughly listened to most of Weezer's stuff post-pinkerton, and they're still one of my favorite bands. My band started out playing Weezer covers in a garage, and following that we started playing our own songs. There's a lot of Weezer influence like heavy distortion, good melodies, and almost every song has a guitar solo.

Anyway, if you have the chance, I urge you to check it out. 5 songs are streaming on my site, the whole album's on Spotify, and if you want to help out a broke 24-year old musician live his dream, you can check it out on iTunes.

Thanks alot for checking it out!


P.S. I am a clairvoyant, and I'm working on some magic to come back to reality and get rid of the "I am Jesus" situation that I'm in. It's really no fun being a prophet. Abracadabra.

P.S.S. I attached a free .mp3 download of "The Void". My gift to you!

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kook award candidate

The link doesn't work. 

Yup, I'm definitely a kook. But you have to give me credit, I'm trying my hardest to not be a kook. God willing!

placemats said:

kook award candidate

Just tried it. Should work!

Farkas said:

The link doesn't work. 
It's not working for me. 

Alan Hoffman said:

Just tried it. Should work!

Farkas said:

The link doesn't work. 

I'm going to try it

Thanks! Let me know what you think :)

Tyler Symes said:

I'm going to try it

oh lol. 

maybe you should spend less time playing terrible music and more time house training your dogs.

My sentiments exactly.

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