If Weezer made another deluxe cd which one would you want it to be apart from blue and pinkerton ?

i was just wondering which one people would like to have as a deluxe cd because i would like there to be another one and persoanlly i think it should be green because of ss2k and all of the demo's

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SS2K owns
I also think they should just go in order and do Green.  Green had some amazing B-sides that would be excellent to go on the bonus disc as well as some stuff from SS2k.
Well, I see Green as a very logical choice, especially as there seems to be no way of successfully changing people's minds. Although I wonder how long we'll have to wait for it, as there were 6 years between Blue and Pinkerton Deluxe.
Green, then Maladroit.
well, red had a deluxe, as did raditude................and hurley

so the question is green, mal or mb

mal or green for me
Make Believe.
Pinkerton Deluxe II: Gooder Deluxe Version

Great thread!


I would like to see all of them eventually, but for now, Green.


They could include SS2K and the live versions of the songs that are drastically different than the studio recordings (Crab, knock-down drag out, O Girlfriend). I really want to have a good quality recording of the version of "Don't Let Go" with Brian playing the Moog.


other songs they need to include would be "Burning Sun", "High Up Above, and all the B-sides (correct versions, looking at you "Always")...they might have to make this a 3 disc special.



And then for Maladroit, we're looking at 4 discs....so many awesome demos.

SFTBH, deluxe

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