If Harmonix ever made a Weezer: Rock Band... This is how I would think it would look.

1st act: Blue album; 12/2/94, Cleveland, OH, House of Blues
The whole entire Blue album
2nd act: Pinkerton;  09/24/1996  Los Angeles, California - Tower Records Parking Lot
No Other OneAcross the SeaWhy Bother?El ScorchoPink TriangleThe Good Life
3rd Venue: Green-Maladroit era; May 18, 2002 - Tokyo, Club Zepp

Island in the SunPhotographDope NoseHash PipeKeep Fishin'

4th act: Red album tour; September 24, 2008 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

We Are All on DrugsThis is Such a PityBeverly HillsGreatest Man that Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)TroublemakerPerfect SituationPork and Beans
5th act: Axe Secret Show; 2010
**I know some of these songs weren't played at this venue, in a lot of band-oriented Rock Bands songs played at venues weren't actually played there.**
Can't Stop PartyingI'm Your DaddyIf You're Wondering If I Want You to (I Want You To)Let it All Hang Out**Whole entire Hurley album, since it's the newest studio album they've put out, and Harmonix would most likely do this, they did it with Green Day's 21 Century Breakdown, this would be excluding bonus tracks on Hurley** 

Encore song/credits roller: Represent

I know I'll get flamed for this, and this is just a quick idea I came up with while on my way to school, and not all of my facts are straight. I mean it may even happen. Weezer has a big enough library of songs for one. They are most definitely an Influential band, like previous Rock Band contenders, the Beatles and Green Day. I doubt it will ever happen, but a guy can dream right? Oh btw I have too much time on my hands obviously for composing this. I made this to see your opinions on it. So lets see them.

**Tour dates taken from Weezerpedia, I picked the venues on the size and importance of the gig.**

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k thanks

Scott [scotttheweezerfan] said:

Eileen S said:

what? I can't understand what the freak he's talking about.

runnersdialzero said:

Eileen S said:

That would actually be pretty sweet
This would be sweet. But the reasons they did Beatles was because they're the freaking Beatles. And they did Green Day because they have become extremely popular in their career and they always have been popular. Whereas, after Pinkerton, and besides the Make Believe era, Weezer's popularity has fallen.
how about never gonna give you up?

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