If Make Believe was Self Produced would it be Akin to Pinkerton 2?

So after listening to Make Belive then reading up on a few of the songs like Hold Me, Peace, Haunt you Every Day etc


I found out that Rivers wrote most of the songs while Fasting or in a state of meditation which placed him in an emotional frame of mind.


Do you think if the album was self produced like Pinkerton or Maladroit the album would have been similar to a Second Pinkerton?

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Are you referring to the early album five demos?

Brandon [lazrpo] said:
I definitely imagine that a self-produced "Make Believe" would have been the worst thing ever. Heck, we have tracklists that TELL us it would have been a very poor album.

I think so. We know he was going for more personal stuff at the time. he described the sound of the early album five demoes as green meets pinkerton with a little bit of mala (an intensley emotional album with strong hooks and well crafted "rawk" solos, kind of a mature take on  blue in that sense). Rivers was going for a new, story telling based songwriting style and experimenting with predminately acoustic instrumentation. Towards the end of the album however weezer went in a different direction.

If left to their own devices with no outside influences, I think make beleive would have been considered one of weezer's best and a fantastic record. definetely would not have had beverly hills! as it is, the "fallen soldiers" are kind of like the Summer Songs 2000 of make beleive. however, whereas Rivers's realeased an actual SS2K album, with make believe we only have a fuckload of demos and unfortunately too many snap shots of what appear to be amazing songs. maybe if we're lucky, Rivers' will eventually go through all the early album five demoes, assemble the best versions of the best "fallen soldiers," and give us the Stripped down, acoustic, storytelling classic we almost got.

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