..an animal, what would they be?

Rivers = a goat (the ones that faint if you scare them)
Brian = a Bombay cat
Pat = a pitbull
Scott = a bull

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Rivers = Squirrel

Brian = Kitty

Scott = Grizzly Bear

Pat = Cheetah

Karl = Dolphin

Rivers- A kitten
Brian- A handsome, sassy tiger cat.
Scott- ...LOLIDK maybe an ox?
Pat- Elephant. lmfao

The dreWid said:
These are probably the most justifiable answers. 

queenozma said:

Rivers - Okapi (one of the shyest mammals, solitary, and rare)

Pat - Elephant (wisdom, social, and emotional)

Brian - Humming Bird (optimism, sweetness, and able to roll with the punches)

Scott - King Cobra (do i need to say more)

Karl - Horse (loyalty, love, and devotion)

Fainting goat... that still cracks me up

Rivers = Griffin

Brian = Griffin

Pat = Griffin

Scott = Griffin

what do you mean IF they were animals? haha
Oh, thanx!

jKlein said:
Fainting goat... that still cracks me up

Rivers - octopus (never know what they're thinking, but you know its something AWESOME!!)

Brian - Sea Horse (Cool, elegant and bad ass moves)

Pat - Sea Otter (funny, cunning and friendly)

Scott - Shark (F****** BAD ASS)

Lol. These goats are awsm!!!

jKlein said:
Matt = a Dragon
Rivers would be a Ferret.
Brian would be a FOX.
Pat would be a Koala.
Scott would be a Tiger.

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