Hi guys, don´t you think this song is 90% identical to Weezer´s "If You´re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)"



It´s from a Spanish band, called "Autoban", recently formed, and it was chosen for being the oficial theme of a new TV series, "Con el Culo Al Aire" in which a lot of famous spanish actors and actresses are acting. It is broadcasted in one of the most important channel in Spain, Antena3, and is having a good reception and success. It seems that only a few people have realised that the song is identical to Weezer´s one. And the band offers the song as theirs, they haven´t said it´s inspired or versioned from Wezeer´s song, neither in the youtube video desciption nor in their myspace.


Promotional video:



What do you think about?


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Sorry for my poor English


There's definitely a lot of similarity, but I think the melody may just be different enough for them to skirt any legal action, unless that riff counts as a melody and not a chord progression. They can't copyright the chord progression or the rhythm, only the melody, and I'm not sure if there was any explicit melody-lifting. It seems pretty clear they knew exactly what they were doing, what the laws were, and how to avoid legal action.

I always thought it sounded like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfpRm-p7qlY

They are 100% ripping off If You're Wondering.  There's no way it could be that similar.  This is premeditated plagiarism.

If it was just the verse or something I wouldn't mind so much.... But they ripped off the entire song lol. 

Even the "Woo" at the end! lol

Zach Smith said:

If it was just the verse or something I wouldn't mind so much.... But they ripped off the entire song lol. 

pretty funny

Is it a cover? if not its a total rip for sure.

not a cover

That is outrageous. Lol.

they even have a dog like sydney. and a puppet with that oddly resembles rivers.

it's all just a coincidence...

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