Hey guys,

I recently covered Surf Wax America and made it into a Chiptune song!  It seems to have done pretty well on my soundcloud and I was messaged by a listener to post it here.  You can find the song here: 

http://soundcloud.com/kipjaw/surf-wax-america-8-bit-cover-1.  There's a free download if you like as well.

Also, I'm not sure if you guys have listened to this before or not, but these are some more incredible Weezer covers in 8-bit!  http://www.ptesquad.com/more/pte018.html



Tags: 8bit, America, C64, Chiptune, SID, Surf, Wax, Weezer

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whoever told you that lied to you

good job.  that was entertaining

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