I was blown away when I heard this. (Sorry if my grammar is wrong)

I just got myself an account in Grooveshark (you can find anything here and stream music) and I found an Wonderwall cover by Weezer while I was looking for Oasis's. It was not complete but I listened to it over and over again. I just wanted to share. I will post the link as soon as I get the copy from my e-mail.


Oh, I am new to this circle of network. How do I decide on a category? This is not urgent so is it ok to put this in Weezer Musical Discussion?


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Thank you so much. I studied Japanese and that will be my favorite Japanese song by Weezer.

I am amazed on how much you know things. Thanks. By the way I am Southeast Asian.

Just a technical question. What is has chosen to moderate comments?

Sorry am an asian. I mean of my grammar is off. I am not that good in english.

It is only my second language and Japanese is mu third language.


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