I am going before I see that dog. I feel like this is a haaj moment for me, and I might circle it counter clockwise 7 times while I point in its direction.


Who else on here has gone there?

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I haven't visited the house but I appreciate your sentiment. I'm wondering are the Taco Bell packets still there? Is the place still a dump? Hope you enjoy hearing 'That Dog' playing live. (Initially, I misread your thread. Thought you were just going to visit some random dog.)

In all honesty, I am probably going to do that as well.

A friend and I visited the house back in the early 2000s... they were throwing a "farewell" party so-to-speak because the place was going to be renovated and we heard the iconic garage was going to be torn down.  I remember the carpeting all over the interior walls of the garage.  It was pretty cool to be standing where the "SIAS" video was filmed.  I'll dig up some photos from the event if I can find them and will post later.

Thanks, That would be awesome. Does anyone know anything about who is living there currently or what is going on with the house?
yes, they hate weezer and don't want to be bothered by idiots who have nothing better to do in los angeles than look at this shitty house.
Is it you kitten$?
living in west LA? no thank you.

Here are a few photos from the party (all inside the garage). 



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