I want to see if Weezer Fans will help bring aid to Japan!

Japan has lost nearly 10,000 people in this disaster, I think its time for the Weezer fans to come together and help out. I really don't no how to set up a charity to be honest, and I'd rather not use Redcross because most of what gets donated doesn't even make it to the cause half the time. Mark Hoppus started selling his private collection of goodies for help raise money, my hopes is that Karl can setup something along the same lines. For now lets get some ideas together and figure out how we can help. Any weezer fan knows that without Japan this band wouldnt been around today so lets brain storm some ideas!

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Yeah, that be awsome, people in Japan need help to overcome this terrible situation

Another Group that is in Japan right now and cause use aid to help. This will be the last one I post, I thank everyone that can help/give. My best friend lives in the Japan as a teacher, hes very stubborn and refuses to leave the country. These next 48 hours will be a scary one indeed. 


Music For Relief is responding to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Text 'MFR' to 85944 to make a $10 donation to help those affected.
Music for Relief--- Support MFR's efforts by donating towards the rebuilding of Japan here http://lnk.ms/L0tm0

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