I Want to Be Something -> Amazing song from deluxe version!

wow this song would have made a great ending to the album! Classic Pinkerton-era Weezer. I wish they would have moved Time Flies to Where's My Sex's spot (and get rid of that horrible song) and had this song as the ending song.


For those of you who havent heard it, get it on itunes now!!

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it sounds like something that would be on Alone
is that a US deluxe song or a deluxe one in general?
I just saw it on the US itunes, sorry not sure if UK

Also, why r people not talking about this song at all?
ya that's a good song. it definitely is an Alone type song Stefan. it's really an old school rivers-ish song. i wouldnt have wanted them to get rid of where's me sex though.
That's because it is a demo.

And I think it should have been fleshed out and completed. It would have fit perfectly on this album and it's one of the best songs.
Its pretty good, i wish they would have properly recorded it instead of re have been doing for thon the delxue editions they have been doing for the last 3 albums
Eh... It's decent. I'm sure that hearing a full band incarnation would sway my opinion, but in its current form, I wouldn't be able to replace any of Hurley's tracks with it.
i actually really enjoy where's my sex? but you're right this is a great song, good lyrics.

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