What a nice guy!



The show was amazing, as usual!

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Examples please. hehe.

I saw Karl on the Cruise briefly in passing, and he recognized my outfit from the IYWIIWYT video right away =) so I got to snap a photo w/ him

Gohi 21 said:

I become Larry David (accidentally saying the wrong things) whenever I have had the privilege of talking to Karl or anyone in the band. Eesh.

NOpe. That is for my diary.

Fair enough.

Which begs the question, when are the The Gohi Diaries open for pre-orders ;)

get a room

with Karl? That's scandalous.

Wait - you and Karl are standing in destiny's way?

Cherrie said:

No.  You + Gohi + Karl = scandalous

Cherrie said:

with Karl? That's scandalous.

Karl is a cool cool guy.  The coolest.

Agreed wholeheartedly!

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

Karl is a cool cool guy.  The coolest.

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