i can't believe i've been gone for five months.

what did i miss? tell me everything!

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I can't believe it either. ;)
Welcome back. 

what did you miss? 2 ruto albums!


just kidding.















































































































































































it was 3 ruto albums.

kgarner and a certain student that she keeps after detention

Oh, I get it now.

You had some imposters here.  They were quite good.  Everyone thought they were you.

Do you see what happens when you leave for five months?!?


Wow I am getting so confused...is it imposter within imposter within imposter.... or is it real 

I'm back, too! back from holiday! sup, b******?

it's weird how dead this place was without ya

like a sir [berry_rydell] said:

I'm back, too! back from holiday! sup, b******?

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