I like the Tracking Roughs more than the album versions (on Pink DE)

Especially Getchoo, I used to think it was one of the weaker Pink songs... but wow.  The bass line sounds more prominent, it stands out more and it's killer, there's something entirely more epic about that version.  I love the way Tired of Sex sounds too.  It's just so primal on both.  The roughness actually improves it all IMO.  I would love to hear other tracking roughs from Pinkerton after hearing those.  Anybody else feeling some rough getchoo love?

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Matt's bassline in the Getchoo rough rocks my world. I loved the song anyway but this version just gives it a whole new dimension.
I haven't given Getchoo a spin yet, but I prefer the album version of TOS. The vocal is more primal, especially on the second verse.
The rough version of Getchoo is the best out of the rough tracks (not sure in comparison to the actual album take though).

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