So, I was on my way home from a rather tough day at work and I stopped at a CVS store like always to get a drink.  I purchased my drink and got into my truck.  Then I reversed out of my parking spot, opened my drink for a nice refreshing sip and began to pull off.  As I started to head out of the parking lot I hear a woman's voice:

"STOP!!  WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!"  in an extremely desperate manner. 

It startled me enough to spill some of my drink on my lap.  In my mirror I see a large woman running (to the best of her ability) after my truck.  Thinking that maybe she had lost her baby, or had just been robbed...I stopped to see if I could help her.

She gets to my passenger window and says:

"Do you know where a Taco Bell is???"


I was in so much shock from what the question turned out to be, I simply said:

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I don't.......ummmm"

and just drove away, even though I knew EXACTLY where a Taco Bell was....I was just too confounded by the question to tell her at the time.  She looked pretty disappointed by my response.

So, I guess I didn't really help anyone....but she helped me.  I could not stop laughing the rest of the drive home.  Good times.


I really hope she found that Taco Bell though.


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umergent ergentcy.


it's really important, imo, to be able to differentiate between an urgent emergency and a non-urgent emergency.
Yes. First, I sent him to east Brooklyn, which would tire him out, so he can't run when the gangs urban youths come out to "play".

CrazyLikeAFox [spaz] said:
East Brooklyn?!!? were you trying to get the guy killed?

Connor Dalton [awesome] said:
That reminds me of a time where a fat guy ran after me in New York City to figure out where he could find a McDonald's. Knowing that there are like, 80 McDonald's on Manhattan, where we were, I sent him to one all the way in east Brooklyn.

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