Just updated my spreadsheet of shows/setlists.


Title Frequency
Buddy Holly 22
Hash Pipe 21
Island in the Sun 21
Say it Ain't So 21
Undone - The Sweater Song 21
My Name Is Jonas 19
Perfect Situation 16
El Scorcho 15
Beverly Hills 15
Pork and Beans 15
Dope Nose 14
Surf Wax America 14
Only in Dreams 13
Troublemaker 12
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 11
In the Garage 10
Tired of Sex 10
Photograph 9
The Good Life 9
Keep Fishin' 8
Susanne 8
Memories 7
No One Else 7
Getchoo 7
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived 7
Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover) 6
Why Bother? 6
Across The Sea 5
Don't Let Go 5
Pink Triangle 5
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here 5
Can't Stop Partying 5
Butterfly 4
Falling for You 4
Holiday 4
We Are All On Drugs 4
Burndt Jamb 3
Death and Destruction 3
Knock-Down Drag-Out 3
No Other One 3
Automatic 2
Blast Off! 2
Dreamin' 2
Jamie 2
Kids/Pokerface (MGMT/Lady Gaga cover) 2
King 2
Morning Glory (Oasis Cover) 2
Pardon Me 2
Peace 2
She Don't Use Jelly (with The Flaming Lips) 2
Simple Pages 2
Sliver (Nirvana cover) 2
Smile 2
Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover) (with The Flaming Lips) 2
Take Control 2
Tragic Girl 2
You Gave Your Love to Me Softly 2
Devotion 2
Big Me (Foo Fighters Cover) 1
Crab 1
Do You Want Me to Stay? 1
Fall Together 1
Getting Up And Leaving 1
Glorious Day 1
Haunt You Every Day 1
Hold Me 1
I Just Threw Out the Love of my Dreams 1
I Think We're Alone Now (Tiffany Cover) 1
Let It All Hang Out 1
Longtime Sunshine 1
Los Angeles (Francis Black cover, Pat vocals) 1
Love Explosion 1
Lover In The Snow 1
Mykel and Carli 1
Should I Stay or Should I Go? (The Clash cover) 1
So Low 1
Song 2 (Blur Cover) 1
Talk Dirty To Me (Poison Cover) 1
Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus Cover) 1
The Damage In Your Heart 1
This Is Such A Pity 1
Trippin' Down the Freeway 1
Trippin' Down the Freeway/Keep Fishin' mashup 1
Waiting On You 1
War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover) 1
You Gave Your Love to Me Softly 1
Your Room




I guess this is another discuss your concert count thread. Attached is my concert list. I am incredibly bored.

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have you been to a Weezer show where each of the different bassists have played? Matt, Mikey and Scott?.

My list:
Undone - The Sweater Song 1
My Name Is Jonas 1
El Scorcho 1
Holiday 1
Pink Triangle 1
Susanne 1
Island In The Sun 1
Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover) 1
The Good Life 1
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here 1
Say It Ain't So 1
Tired Of Sex 1
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly 1
Pork and Beans 1
Across The Sea 1
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) 1
Only In Dreams 1
Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover) 1
Hash Pipe 1
Buddy Holly 1

I have seen Weezer play every time they have come to Australia.

Yes, every single time. I'm hoping to balloon this mammoth score within the next year or so.

No such show exists. Matt hasn't been onstage with Weezer since 1997.

Hugh Lovric said:

have you been to a Weezer show where each of the different bassists have played? Matt, Mikey and Scott?.

My first show was, I believe, the 2nd  Weezer show without Mikey. It's been Scott since day 1 for me. I did see Mikey's band a couple of times 'round 2002. Never saw Matt live.

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