Last night I had a dream that I was in a small club with Weezer playing in it. They started playing The Good Life which made me lose my s***, but then I remembered, "Damn, I should've brought my copy of Pinkerton Deluxe so the guys could sign it!" Some other things happened in the dream as well, most of them involve friends so it's best not to get into that stuff. This isn't the first time I've had a dream that involves Weezer, occasionally I get dreams where I meet Rivers and Pat and some of the other members.


Guys...what is wrong with me? Is this normal? Is a fifteen year old dreaming about men in their forties a bad thing? Should I talk to a doctor?

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placemats said:

AcrossTheWeb said:

I mean, I do listen to a lot of other bands, but I've been listening to Weezer a s*** load lately.


I blame girls.


Also that video was amazing.

placemats said:

Cut back on Weezer and make room for other bands.

Another teenager who likes Pinkerton? Move to my town whoever you are.
A while back i had a dream that i met rivers and brian b4 a show outside the gibson ampitheatre (probably memories tour) and nothing looked like city walk at all. The only reason i could tell it was city walk was because there was that big guitar thing and an arrow pointing to the gibson ampitheatre. anyways i asked rivers if he can hook me up with tickets and he said no sorry and went down an escalator with brian. Then i woke up.
I don't see how a teenager could NOT like Pinkerton.

Andrew Zetek said:
Another teenager who likes Pinkerton? Move to my town whoever you are.

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