but! Why isn't songs from the black h*** being released? It'll be AMAZING for the fans, and we will all definitely buy it. Plus I'm sure it'll get great ratings etc... I'm just curious? It's really silly, It's totally a win, win situation. It's just a shame that It'll probably never be released.

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well they never finished it, for starters.
They finished most of it.
Naw. Story was totally unfinished and there still plenty of songs Rivers had left to write, according to him.

Sure, but all those brilliant songs are going to waste and no one but serious Weezer fans will ever hear some of the best stuff he ever wrote.


They could just keep releasing simple 'good' albums every year, but SFTBH is a guaranteed standout and success. We know this from the majority of songs that we've already heard which are superb. Like the OP said, it's totally win-win.


But then again, Rivers doesn't take advice from fans. So, I'm just hoping SFTBH is finished and released sometime in the future.

It would be really cool for it to be released. I'd buy it for sure. Only if they finished more songs from it in time.....

I'd rather hear a new great album than hear him revisit SFTBH and get an album full of mostly old songs I've heard before.

I may be alone in saying this but I know Weezer has a great album in them after seeing them live this past year. They seem totally re-energized and Rivers understands what makes a great Weezer song now more than ever.

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