*** UPDATE: OFFER STILL OPEN! EMAIL me till 9PM SAT PST! SoCal weez fans, get them now before i tweet it and they all go in 10 seconds flat! ***

*** People, this offer has hereby just now been EXTENDED to 3 PM PST today! (satudray 9/18) go for it!!!***

Ok, folks, i have been given 25 pair of tickets to give away to next Tuesdays AXE Secret Show in L.A. I figure where best to go to find the most interested fans than our brand new message boards?

So heres the deal... the first 25 REGISTERED MEMBERS of the new weezer.com (who can make it because they are in LA or will be close enough next Tuesday) who EMAIL ME (karl (at) weezer (dot) com), starting right now and continuing till 10 AM (pst) Sat, will get a pair of tickets via email (they are unique pdfs that you print out and take to the show once the location is announced).

what do you include in the email to me if you want to receive the tickets?

1. your full name
2. your username on weezer.com.

Ill respond to the 1st 25 asap with the ticket pdfs.- now remember we're traveling to Phoenix tomorrow so i may not be able to get back to you till later in the day. in the meantime, you gots ta chill.

NO EMAILS THAT COME AFTER 10AM PST SAT WILL BE OPENED - they go right in the trash.

if you strike out on this chance, know that i may be given another allotment over the weekend, plus AXE isnt finished giving their set of tix away.

thanks folks!


PS responses to this thread do not count as requests for the tix - gotta email me. thanks!

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why cant this be in NYC :(
Can they do it in Philly instead?? That's where I'll be on Tuesday... :(
i wish i was in california
Awww damn i missed it, that's what I get for waking up at 10 AM looool. /)_-
*** People, this offer has hereby just now been EXTENDED to 3 PM today! go for it!!!***
Soooo, if I sent you an email at 10:30, was it deleted? Should I send you another?
I trust you'll post here for the winners to see?
bumpus erectus for new update!
Yessss!!! Just got mine! So stokedddd!!!
okay, i tried! congrats to those who got some!
You west-coast peeps better be planning to post some pictures of this awesomeness for the rest of us.
it's over sorry, I missed it too.

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