As many weezer fans do, i often wonder why i like thier old stuff so much better. And I think I might have figured it out. I don't think that they are really getting worse, I just think they aren't putting as much into their music. Let me explain, In Hurley, i liked most of what i heard, but almost every song never had anything extra. And what I mean by that is they have a constant beat which is never broken up by fills. They hardly ever use solo's (I started another post questioning their lack of guitar solo's). The songs are very regimented, verse, chourus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. They don't really use intros or outros and they lack all the in between stuff that makes a song so great. I think thier songs (from hurley) are good, but need to be spiced up a bit. And I don't want to get into an argument over their lyrics, but I think overall they could use a lttle more detail. "In the rain, in the sun, everybody needs someone" it kind of brings me back to the blandness of the green album. Go back and listen to all the extra stuff in their old songs, hear all the great parts of songs that you love that don't take place during the main riff or the verse or chours. I don't know, what do you think?

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The Green album is my favourite album of all time and I think the thing with Hurley is that it's quite a solid album, but there aren't really any tracks that stand out hugely apart from Memories, Unspoken and maybe Hang On. They also haven't released any other demos from Hurley so we don't know if better songs could've been on the record.

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