Check out this passage from a review of Pinkerton Deluxe:

"The songs that eventually made their way onto final product [Pinkerton] are streets ahead from those that would have made up the rest ‘Songs from the Black Hole’, and truly are B-side material and nothing else."

I'd agree that shelving SFTBH and recording Pinkerton was the right idea and I'd also agree that there are some week songs on SFTBH (ie: Come to My Pod). However, some of the songs are right up there with the best stuff from Pinkerton. Like these:

  1. Blast Off!
  2. Longtime Sunshine
  3. Superfriend
  4. Dude, We're Finally Landing
  5. You Wont Get With Me Tonight

Also, these songs were included in the original track list:

  1. Devotion

And there are still a few songs we have yet to hear...

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Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

j-biebs said:
lol @ "streets ahead"
at times you won't get with me tonight is my favorite song on pinkerton deluxe.
Heh, I like "Come to My Pod." Although I'm probably very forgiving since I view it as a demo only. Blast Off! certainly has tremendous potential but still feels slightly underwhelming due to the fact that it barely reaches 2 minutes in length. I am wondering what the total run time is on the second version of SFTBH because a number of songs are less than 2 minutes and a fair number are less than 1 minute.

I loved Longtime Sunshine the first time I heard it. It is very simplistic musically and although the lyrics are a bit schmaltzy, Rivers' delivery totally overcomes that. In some sense I prefer the demo version because the lack of sustain in the piano on the Pinkerton Deluxe version irks me and the clarinet solo was somewhat more musically interesting than the Pink Deluxe version. It is almost too simplistic to really fit onto Pinkerton although it's a fine song in its own right.

Superfriend is a gem.
look, we got 1st demos from SFTBH, and few early band versions.

you can't fully judge. they are unpolished and the full potential will never really be known. we have only one real glimpse at what SFTBH would have sounded like, and that is IJTOTLOMD. oh, and return of the rentals. based on those things, the album would have been killer, but we'll never really know.

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