and now i feel sick :(


how are you, citizens of atnw?

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I'm okay-ish.
Stagnant. A cookie and some love would be very nice.
If you would have eaten one of my chocolate chocolate chip walnut cookies instead, you wouldn't have felt sick. Tastes just like a brownie, but in cookie form. Those are one of my hubby's favorite cookies.

I just ate a couple oatmeal cookies with some coffee. Feeling pretty good. Tired, but being pregnant will do that to you and going to school full time doesn't help either. Ah well.
Better now that my internet is working. Been down for a couple of days. I can survive without the hair dryer, tele, and dishwasher, but when the net is down...ughh...withdrawals.
Fantastic tonight. Went out to eat with my girlfriend, followed by ice cream afterward and then hanging out watching tv. Sounds like a boring night but it was great. Also finished writing a song I've been working on.
i feel shallow and pedantic

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