a video showing my updates in this thread http://weezer.com/forum/topics/well-what-a-load-of-s***........i know nobody cares.

this video turned out terrible, when i set off to london for the weezer show etc i was determined so make something that may be considered by some as enjoyable/ fun. i did have a lot of videos but unlucky circumstance has meant that what is here is all i had left. ohh well.........here is a 2 minute disasterpiece 

it's all just a laugh anyway :) luckily i don't take myself too seriously 


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for those new to my dribble:

here is edgisode 1 - http://weezer.com/video/edgeisode-1

here is edgisode 3 - http://weezer.com/video/edgisode-3-a-short-tale-of


and for the fun of it, this - http://weezer.com/video/autograph-tattoo



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Some scary moments....some laughs....not too shabby....just a tad 


I could seriously listen to you talk for hours. LOVE the accent.
you're home?  lets party!  \o/
"i'm gonna get r****" lololol

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