...For dissapointment in evening entertainment but....


Holy s***, farkas has taken to sending me links to pokemon youtube videos.


Anyway, I know a lot of you want the all things not weezer song.  Truth is, its done.  I can post the lyrics at any time, i found the file, they are ready and are sitting in a backed-up file.  Why did i finish it?  I dont know.  I like most of you.  Now here is the deal.  


I will post the ATNW song in precisely 2 months on to the day.  




Tommorow my band's debut Ep comes out.  Its a short listen, i think its 17 minutes.  Download it, listen to it, give an opinion.  If i see the downloads are high, and a sizeable amount of people comment on this thread with honest opinions, i will post the lyrics tommorow, in there entirety.  I promise.  I swear i will keep my end of the deal, im done putting off things and exaggerating to prove points.  I have made a serious change.  Actually listen to the album, and give honest opinions, and I shall post the song on schedule.


Album launches tonight at midnight, East Coast time.


If you were to say this thread was an attempt to grab attention, in this case I guess you'd be right.


<3 Jack

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Let's see how long til that comment gets deleted.............

brofessefef said:


$tef-dog aka wiggajew.

kitten$ bieber ♥ said:

i think stefan's collaboration with jack turned into a rap collaboration with Jackee $wangNBang.


as such, he's now known as $tef-dog and is building a boombox out of legos.

holy crap that's creepy looking.



oh my god



stefan would you walk 500 miles for a new lego set?

how many people here even care about crackerjack's band?
this is still terrifying.

brofessefef said:

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