As I sit here helplessly watching the storm ravage my property I was thinking at least I can somehow enjoy the awesomeness of these powerful gusts....and the torrential rain that is on its way.... I somehow feel like there should be background music know to set the mood....


Any more suggestions?

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glad to hear you're all ok. hope your power is back asap!

Lion on the floor (natkat) said:

Power still out. Won't get it back until Monday (estimated time) I am so thankful that I am ok and that this is all I lost as I know ppl who lost everything... Honestly I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was so I am in a state of shock a bit atm.... Hurricane song for me now arcade fire - neighborhood 3 ( power out) .. Can't post video on iPad :/

me 2!  though there is another storm on the way 

meh, at least it's only one

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