As I sit here helplessly watching the storm ravage my property I was thinking at least I can somehow enjoy the awesomeness of these powerful gusts....and the torrential rain that is on its way.... I somehow feel like there should be background music know to set the mood....


Any more suggestions?

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Star Wars music!

of course that's assuming that you have power

 What a fun mix 

Hope everyone stuck in this storm stays safe! Still have power here but I don't know for how much longer...trying to be optimistic though I kind of feel like I need to add this to the list....   

edit: this is likely because the news station has been playing all day long.... pshh pessimists... 

the images on the news are pretty crazy. hope you and your family are safe and dry!

Because it was the theme to storm chasers:

so...has anyone heard from natkat?

Power still out. Won't get it back until Monday (estimated time) I am so thankful that I am ok and that this is all I lost as I know ppl who lost everything... Honestly I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was so I am in a state of shock a bit atm.... Hurricane song for me now arcade fire - neighborhood 3 ( power out) .. Can't post video on iPad :/

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