Came across "Ruling Me" while shuffling the iPod this morning on the way into work and gave Hurley another spin. It's really a shame that album came and went so quickly, as I think there a number of brilliant moments on disk. Does anyone think we have a chance of ever hearing any of these tunes live? I know Hang On was played a few times and I heard Memories at the Pinkerton show, but would love to hear Ruling Me, Unspoken, etc live sometime. 

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There was an acoustic version of Unspoken on youtube by Rivers and it was the fan favorite of the album (according to Weezerpedia) so I think there might be a chance for that, but it's all up to them. I don't think they'd play Ruling Me though. I'd really like to see Unspoken though.

They did "Unspoken" full on at Stubb's BBQ on June 6, 2011 I believe it was.  There's a bootleg of it in the Weezer gift shop, and it's pretty good.

Unspoken was played in the summer once and at Las Vegas last year, but apart from that they have only played Hang On a couple of times and Memories quite a lot. I agree with you that it was a shame that they gave up on the album so quickly, but I would've liked to have seen more songs being played for the album and maybe some tv show performances of them playing some songs off the album.

I'd also like to see band commentary on the songs on Weezerpedia like they did with some of their other albums.

Will have to check out the Stubb's Bootleg, looks like it was a great show. 

The other interesting thing is that Hurley got generally positive reviews from most critics. I blame Memories as a lead single for some of the lukewarm response. Fine song, but not one I'm inclined to listen to repeatedly. 

its sorta annoying that it got some worse ratings than raditude, that made no sense. It really is a solid album that was shadowed by death to false metal and pinkerton deluxe.

Were Pink Deluxe and DTFM Geffen disks?


Justin said:

Were Pink Deluxe and DTFM Geffen disks?

There are some good songs on this I say, it's always the songs...but...poor "modern" brickwall mastering takes the humanity out of it sometimes...

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