Here we go!  Who will join Blowin' My Stack and move on to the Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game with all 9 winners?  Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are 14 songs, I will eliminate 2 songs with the most votes in the first 3 rounds.


1. Memories (Eliminated Round 8)
2. Ruling Me (2ND PLACE )
3. Trainwrecks (Eliminated Round 5)
4. Unspoken (WINNER!!!  )
5. Where’s My Sex? (Eliminated Round 3)
6. Run Away (Eliminated Round 7)
7. Hang On (3rd PLACE )
8. Smart Girls (Eliminated Round 3)
9. Brave New World (Eliminated Round 4)
10. Time Flies (Eliminated Round 2)
11. All My Friends Are Insects (Eliminated Round 6)
12. Viva La Vida (Eliminated Round 1)
13. I Want To Be Something (Eliminated Round 1)
14. Represent (Eliminated Round 2)

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Run Away

All My Friends Are Insects

Ruling Me reminds me a bit of the green album :) and a little bit of the blue album :)

Humpty Dumpty said:
Ruling Me SUCKS

MrFrenchDog said:

Run away

All my friends are insects


(though i have to say this is a tactical vote to try and keep Ruling Me in!)

Ruling Me

Run Away

Run Away

All My Friends Are Insects


(Ruling Me is the best song on Hurley, easily.

Hang on

Run Away

All My Friends Are Insects (sorry, had to do it :( ) 

A very close vote ..........but Mr Blue27 broke the tie.  All My Friends Are Insects made a surprising run- but it is voted out.

With 5 songs left we only vote for ONE song.


1. Memories
2. Ruling Me
4. Unspoken
6. Run Away
7. Hang On

 All My Friends Are Insects (Eliminated Round 6)

 Trainwrecks  (Eliminated Round 5)

 Brave New World (Eliminated Round 4)

Where's My Sex? (Eliminated Round 3)

Smart Girls (Eliminated Round 3)

Time Flies (Eliminated Round 2)

Represent (Eliminated Round 2)

Viva La Vida (Eliminated Round 1)

I Want to Be Something (Eliminated Round 1)


Round 7:



Run Away
Run Away
Run Away


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