Here we go!  Who will join Blowin' My Stack and move on to the Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game with all 9 winners?  Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are 14 songs, I will eliminate 2 songs with the most votes in the first 3 rounds.


1. Memories (Eliminated Round 8)
2. Ruling Me (2ND PLACE )
3. Trainwrecks (Eliminated Round 5)
4. Unspoken (WINNER!!!  )
5. Where’s My Sex? (Eliminated Round 3)
6. Run Away (Eliminated Round 7)
7. Hang On (3rd PLACE )
8. Smart Girls (Eliminated Round 3)
9. Brave New World (Eliminated Round 4)
10. Time Flies (Eliminated Round 2)
11. All My Friends Are Insects (Eliminated Round 6)
12. Viva La Vida (Eliminated Round 1)
13. I Want To Be Something (Eliminated Round 1)
14. Represent (Eliminated Round 2)

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Dude, get a life haha. It's just music. Let everyone enjoy what they want. Heart Songs is a GREAT song. Can't Stop Partyin' is a good song too.

Humpty Dumpty said:

your mum, easily.

ShreddingBullets said:
Ruling Me, easily.

Shut up fools!

Looks like Unspoken won.
Jordan said:
Looks like Unspoken won.

Unspoken Wins!!!  A great battle between two awesome songs..........but Unspoken wins in a pretty close vote.  I was lucky enough to see Rivers play that song live at the Mirage last year in Vegas.  Such a cool song that I hope they add to their setlist in the future. Maybe someone from the band will notice they won this game and will decide to play it more? ((haha- probably not but it's fun to dream)  Thank you to everyone for playing!!! Keep voting each day as we will start Raditude now.  Unspoken joins Blowin My Stack as we are on our way to the Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game.


Unspoken  (WINNER!!! )

Ruling Me (2ND PLACE )

 Hang ON (3RD PLACE )

 Memories (Eliminated Round 8)

Run Away (Eliminated Round 7)

 All My Friends Are Insects (Eliminated Round 6)

 Trainwrecks  (Eliminated Round 5)

 Brave New World (Eliminated Round 4)

Where's My Sex? (Eliminated Round 3)

Smart Girls (Eliminated Round 3)

Time Flies (Eliminated Round 2)

Represent (Eliminated Round 2)

Viva La Vida (Eliminated Round 1)

I Want to Be Something (Eliminated Round 1)



Thank God.


run away

One more like you and we would have Two

Samuel Stoke said:


run away


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