I've always been a huge Maladriot fan, and since its release it's been my 3rd fav Weezer album. But now that Hurley came out, I'm not so sure anymore. What do you guy's think? Hurley or Maladroit

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Maladroit, more songs and just a better vibe. Hurley is fourth though.

Hurley's good too, though.
Very close, but I have to go with Hurley. just
Hurley. Obviously I don't like it, but it's less offensive to me than Mala.

Maladroit is part of the reason I stopped buying new Weezer albums and basically quit the boards.
Maladroit is a fantastic album! I like Hurley, but it isn't near Maladroit for me... it needs more guitar solos...
Maladroit, but only by a smidge. Love Hurley. Run Away sounds like it came right off Maladroit...

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