I can say in my opinion that Hurley has 8 good songs plus some of the deluxe edition songs add to that. I don't particularly like "Where's My Sex" and "Smart Girls" these lame cheesy songs should have been left off of the record. for the most part though, i do like the album, what do you guys think?

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their really isnt any song that i dont like on the album and i ESPECIALLY love smart girls and where's my sex?
Where is My Sex is terrible and will promptly be replaced by Trippin' Down the Freeway on my play list of the album. Not sure about Smart Girls yet. Isn't great, but is not offensive like WMS.
Well now I don't need to read the Pitchfork review
Thank you

The rest of us will enjoy listening to a very solid album and not dissecting it and removing any joy that was previously there
"Unspoken"... generic? Are you retarded??
I like Smart Girls and i love the different things they try on Where's My Sex (rivers' singing is cool). But yeah, probably my least favorite of the bunch.

The albums is GREAT though.
I actually think that the majority of these songs are highley listenable unlike the majority of Raditude.
I absolutely agree, so fun and catchy I love it.
Do you have comprehension issues? Generic, yes, that's what I said. And that's exactly what it is.

The progression is ripped off from "Smells Like Teen Spirit", which in turn was ripped off from Pixies UMass. It's quite overused by this point. The lyrics are bland and use cliched rhymes to express a cliched sentiment. "And if you take this away from me, I won't forget you can't you see"...give me a break. This is Jr. high school quality rhyming. Totally general, meaningless dreck.

"our hate will be unbroken, our love will be unspoken"...please.
You're so diplomatic BTS. And even though we feel differently about Weezer...I like you.
I still think it rocks...even if it is ripped off...
I've seen a few people make the argument that it's similar to those songs, but I don't hear it. It sounds like a different riff to me.
Ehh I don't really think the lyrics are that generic. Every song about relationships will inevitably sound like another song about relationships, but that's about it. Not too many songs have accoustic guitar and a jazz player playing the flute leading into a heavy ending
And the lyrics that you put up are actually more generic than the lyrics in the actual song

"And if you take this away from me
I'll never forgive you, can't you see?
Our life will...be broken
Our hate will be unspoken"

Idk it sounds a little like some other songs out there but not really
The standard that Weezer fans have nowadays has definitely waned. Is everyone pretty much ok with a few strong songs? Has Raditude and Make Believe really made us curb our expectations? I have eternal hope that Rivers has one more masterpiece in him.

As far as Hurley goes, the songs I find myself going back to are "Unspoken" and "Hang On" which is very Springsteen-y and has a nice anthem vibe to it.

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