I can say in my opinion that Hurley has 8 good songs plus some of the deluxe edition songs add to that. I don't particularly like "Where's My Sex" and "Smart Girls" these lame cheesy songs should have been left off of the record. for the most part though, i do like the album, what do you guys think?

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Well i am a fan of Make Believe and Hurley is up to par with that album.
I think that hurley is a well rounded album
It's pretty catchy but I think the break down part at the end just does not do it for me, it does not fit the song in any sense.
Where's My Sex is pretty awesome. The guitar riff is bad ass, the chorus is catchy. The only thing I did not care for was the lyrics. However, I then found out the lyrics weren't about "Sex" rather they were about "socks".

[quote] Rivers also trades in his usual tongue-in-cheek humor for a more serious style this time around, although it’s not completely absent: “Where’s My Sex?” has him giving us a history lesson on cavemen first discovering socks. Yes, the song is actually about Socks and not Sex. Rivers said that his kid kept saying “Where is my sex?” instead of “socks” by accident. Finding it hilarious, he wrote an entire song about it. Replace “sex” with “socks”, and suddenly the song makes more sense. [/quote]

Putting that into perspective, I think it's rather clever and endearing. He wrote an entire song dedicated to what his Kid did, and it works. The innuendos, yet if you replace "Sex" with "Socks" the song makes sense. I know this still might be "cheesy" to some.

But it kind of put the song into better light for me. The ONLY track I do not like is "Smart Girls". It sounds way too out of place on the album. The drum machine, the electro beat. I dunno, that one is just too much.
You could maybe make the argument that Hurley has 8 strong melodies, but the songs are not especially strong by any stretch. "Trainwrecks" and "Unspoken" are as generic as they come. This is run-of-the-mill guitar pop with almost nothing interesting happening lyrically or harmonically. Rivers screaming on a couple tunes does not make an album good.
o rly?

Mr. Expert.
You're free to disagree...but it would be helpful if you explained why instead of just being insulting.

But yes, "rly". Listen to "Across the Sea" and "Unspoken" side by side. Regardless of which tune you like more, it's not arguable which song is a more accomplished piece of song-writing. "Across the Sea" is original, personable and meticulously crafted (count those key changes) with a great hook.

"Unspoken" is totally bland and lazy songwriting by comparison. There's nothing wrong with liking it, though. I just personally don't.
are you talking about the bridge? cause that part of the song is the best!
i enjoy where is my sex
I think that "All my friends are Insects" is such a great song that makes me think these guys are having some fun. It's one of my favorites
Unspoken is probably top 3 on the album
i like where's my sex and smart girls

not really feeling memories, but it's def not their worst song IMO.

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