I can say in my opinion that Hurley has 8 good songs plus some of the deluxe edition songs add to that. I don't particularly like "Where's My Sex" and "Smart Girls" these lame cheesy songs should have been left off of the record. for the most part though, i do like the album, what do you guys think?

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I think Smart Girls is alright.
I agree 8 strong songs except I like smart girls but not brave new world. Also "I want to be something" from the deluxe is fantastic
I think it has 9 strong songs. The only one I don't particularly love is actually Memories. I think it's a pretty good song, but by comparison it's not as strong as the others.
yeah man smart girls and wheres my sex are terrible..rest of album is great
Best album since pinkerton
there are songs that i like better than others, but overall I think it is a solid album and the best in a long time.
it is a good'un like
I'd say that there are 9 strong songs, if you count out "Where's My Sex?" lyrically... It's not supossed to be strong. And that's cool. I'd say 10 amazing songs. My least favorite has to be "Brave New World", but that's because it's not terribly catchy... But soon enough I'll get into it and appreciate the art in it. The lyrics are cool if you know what the song's about. I really love the riffs to "Where's My Sex?" and I think the lyrics are hilarious. Truly epic. As far as "Smart Girls"... It's sinfully catchy and it reminds me of "Tired of Sex".
i would agree. "smart girls" is addicting.
yup. every album since pinkerton has had a FEW stand out songs. Hurley has the most good songs on one album since then imo.
I agree, the music to "Where's My Sex" is cool (almost a reminder of El Scorcho in a way, cool beat, double time/fast part) but the lyrics are crap. And "Smart Girls"... not a fan. The rest are great though, especially "Trainwrecks" and "Ruling Me"
I actually like Wheres my Sex

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