I can say in my opinion that Hurley has 8 good songs plus some of the deluxe edition songs add to that. I don't particularly like "Where's My Sex" and "Smart Girls" these lame cheesy songs should have been left off of the record. for the most part though, i do like the album, what do you guys think?

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I like sex....perid....
me too.
I hate smart girls...can't fool them into having sex...
Okay, I've been watching more of your posts and maybe diplomatic wasn't spot on:) But you certainly do offer a different type of insight into Weezer's past and present, which definitely comes from a more deep rooted and personal perspective than my own. And it doesn't matter if most people don't like your posts. It is the varying opinions and thoughts on Weezer that drives this site. It would be pretty boring here if everyone felt the same way.

BackToSchool said:
Diplomatic, haha...

But thanks.

I just think Rivers is better than this. A Harvard educated songwriter who has malmsteen guitar chops and classical theory knowledge? Why does he seem to use almost none of it anymore? SFTBH and Pinkerton were full of examples of what he can actually do with an arrangement when he's truly passionate about what he's doing. Even "The Greatest Man" showcases this a little bit, but it's ruined by some of the poor choices (the rap section and a few of the other sections and the god-awful lyrics).

Unspoken didn't take a lick of effort for him to write and as far as I'm concerned, it shows. These songs all sound small, like some epitaph pop-punk band trying to make Weezer influenced music.
I love Smart Girls. It's awesome! It's one of my favorite songs on the album. This and Ruling Me are the best things I have ever listened to!
smart girls and wheres my sex are EASILY the 2 best on the album.. only weak song is time flies
It's funny it really is a matter of taste.
As an old school Weezer Fan and hardcore pinkerton fan..i think "wheres my sex" is their best song since Pinkerton. By far my favorite song on the album since it sounds the most like Pinkerton.

Its not a bad record - I really dont like Smart girls, brave new world, hang on..eek
but I do like Memories, Trainwrecks,and I love Time Flies.
Bottom line is much better than Raditude (which for the 1st time made me move away from the band)
but....still not as good as the rest...they just sound a bit to polished for my taste latley since Malidroit (which i think is wayyy underated)

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