I can say in my opinion that Hurley has 8 good songs plus some of the deluxe edition songs add to that. I don't particularly like "Where's My Sex" and "Smart Girls" these lame cheesy songs should have been left off of the record. for the most part though, i do like the album, what do you guys think?

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I danced around the house listening to "Smart Girls" with my 1 1/2 year old son today for about 30 minutes. Yes, that's around 10 plays.

He always smiles at the guitar during the "they're all smart girls..." section.
i think where's my sex is cool
I would agree that 8-9 are really good. I don't think Brave New World is one of my faves. I have to disagree about Smart Girls. I really like it in a cheesy way. It's really fun. Weezer always has 1-2 cornball songs on every album. I would even submit that Buddy Holly is a "cornball" song. It's fun but totally 50's pop references and everything. El Scorcho has some corny moments too.
What?? I don't remember a flute arrangement in "Smells Like Teen Spirit"... Nor do I see "Unspoken" resembling grunge, or the song in any structure whatsoever... Not in its riffs, not in its arrangement...

The strings leading into the heavy riff quite remind me of Skillet... But not enough to call it unoriginal. The flutes make the beautiful and peaceful arrangement at the begging and the heavy riffs at the end are that much more powerful because of it.

And no, the Pixies are great but Nirvana did NOT rip off of them, and Weezer did not rip off of Nirvana. ESPECIALLY not in this song >.br /> And the lyrics are great... "I hate what you do/when your poison seeps through/and you're laughing at me"... It's great. One of the top 5 songs in Weezer's career to be sure. Plus you didn't even type the lyrics correctly, so maybe you need to give the song another listen.
Yes, expectations are definitely lower. I think the album is ok, and definitely one of the better in the past 10 years, but if I ask myself would I listen to this album if it wasn't Weezer, I would probably say no.
dude i told my dad the same thing about smart girls and tired of sex
more like 2 strong songs (unspoken, runaway), and like 3 decent (ruling me, time flies, smart girls)
What does the fact the guy is a jazz player have to do with the flute arrangement? It's not doing much and there's nothing in the flute part itself that would ever suggest the guy playing it is a jazz flautist. And you guys act like adding flute to rock is revolutionary or something...Arcade Fire (a band I am no fan of, by the way) write far better orchestral arrangements to rock songs than this. And in fact Rivers was doing better things himself on some of the SFTBH demos.

And so I mixed up a couple of the lyrics, the correct ones are no less bland and vague. I don't have all the lyrics down to Britney Spears' oeuvre either...do I need to in order to recognize that it's bad? These lyrics aren't any better than any of those.

Top 5 in Weezer's career? When did you start listening to them? 2005?

Nonsense! Any five tunes off either of the first two records are a hundred times better than Unspoken. The song goes absolutely nowhere. Soft to loud, gee, that's so rare in rock these days...also Rivers is horribly flat when he sings "the suuuuuuun in the skyyyyyy". There's all kinds of things wrong with this tune. The idea that this is some worthy successor to "Falling For You" or "Across the Sea" or even "Surf Wax America" is ludicrous. Nothing about it suggests any forward momentum for Rivers as a songwriter.

And yes, Nirvana did rip off Pixies. Kurt Cobain admitted that Smells Like Teen Spirit was him trying to write a pixies song and he also copped to stealing the riff from them. Rivers spent from about 97-2000 studying Oasis and Nirvana songs...you think he doesn't know when he's stealing from them? Please. The guy is a much better songwriter than this material shows. And he knows it.
Diplomatic, haha...

But thanks.

I just think Rivers is better than this. A Harvard educated songwriter who has malmsteen guitar chops and classical theory knowledge? Why does he seem to use almost none of it anymore? SFTBH and Pinkerton were full of examples of what he can actually do with an arrangement when he's truly passionate about what he's doing. Even "The Greatest Man" showcases this a little bit, but it's ruined by some of the poor choices (the rap section and a few of the other sections and the god-awful lyrics).

Unspoken didn't take a lick of effort for him to write and as far as I'm concerned, it shows. These songs all sound small, like some epitaph pop-punk band trying to make Weezer influenced music.
I know!!!! I listened to it 4 times in a row.
I like where's my sex?!
Okay....I'm not saying I don't agree with you on 90% of the stuff you are saying, because I also have studied music and know what you are talking about. 

The fact of the matter is, this album IS much better in so many ways than the past two as the majority of the people on here have stated....and for the reasons they give. 

Rivers obviously hit a level where he was in an emotional and musical state of mind that produced Pinkerton and we may never see that again. The first two albums were developed o er many years and in some cases with the band being thousands of miles apart. If you are goingto analyze the songs on such a high level that the majority of the people not only wouldn't understand but could care less about, maybe it is time to stop listening to Weezer since it is obvious that they are causing you so much pain. 

Yes, there are songs and levels of change that annoy me so much that I can't listen to them...but sometimes you just have to look past them and enjoy what you have.

I can really appreciate a snotty, arty, masterpiece of a movie.....but that doesn't mean I also REALLY enjoy gong to see James Bond...or Hell, even the A-Team. 

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