Hurley was pretty good. One of the less talked about songs is Time Flies. I really like the first verse.


Memories is pretty good. s


Ruling Me is fantastic.


Love Unspoken, it has a "presence" to it.


Where's My Sex? is average. Not as bad as everyone says it is. I think it's ironic that Where's My Sex is a very innocent song, while Smart Girls is anything but.


Run Away and Hang On are very, very good songs. Arguably the best on the album.


Smart Girls is catchy.


Brave New World is very underrated. Like Time Flies, noone talks about it.


All-in-all, Hurley is nothing to complain about. I think we all just keep listening to it over and over but noone really wants to speak up on this album.


As for the other songs...



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Insects is cute. Coldplay cover is pointless. Track 13 (the accoustic one) is LAME. Represent ROCKS (love that chorus)!
I really think this is the best Weezer album other than Pinkerton. I think it's more like this, man.

Memories: For being a single (Most Weezer singles end up being the worst[or one of the worst] on the album to me), this song is great.

Ruling Me: Best song on Hurley IMO.

Unspoken: Fantastic.

Where's My Sex?: Fantastic.

Run Away: Fantastic.

Hang On: Fantastic.

Smart Girls: Fantastic.

Brave New World: Fantastic.

Time Flies: Not fantastic, but still really good.

I really like Represent, but all of the other bonus tracks suck in my opinion.

Album gets a 9.2 from me.
I like it all except Time Flies is just okay.
I forget to even mention Trainwrecks, but that one is easy to forget.
I actually only "forgot" Trainwrecks because you didn't put it up there. I love that song. Almost as great as Ruling Me.
i love the transition from insects to viva

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