what song/album would you show to someone who's never heard of weezer? CHOOSE WISELY.

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Start of with some of the popular stuff, Buddy holly, Island in the Sun, Pork and Beans. Then show them some music videos because Weezer has the best music videsos ever. This way they can see what Weezer is really made of.


I'd go with






or maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe




But then I guess it all depends on the person I'm introducing them to. If they are into Sarah McLachlan, I'm more likely to put on 'Island in The Sun' than 'Dope Nose.' Nahmeen?

Surf Wax America/ Blue
i thought there was going to be a discussion about sex

i am disappointed
the good life something fun and then into the more raw stuff from pinkerton then the light stuff from every other album. got a few people in that way.
I would probably introduce them to the blue album. I think say it aint so and my name is jonas are two good starters. Then maybe go through one song from each album, el scorcho, then maybe photograph, keep fishin, perfect situation, and then leave the rest up to them! =w=
To show how they've progressively gotten worse?

Aus Untoured Since '96 said:

I'd show them Only in Dreams / Island in the Sun / Perfect Situation.

i guess i'd start with hits like maybe "buddy holly" and "perfect situation" and "island in the sun" and be like "oh, you think those are good? wait til you hear something off pinkerton"...

awesome thread title, by the way.


jKlein said:
LMAO Me too

Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:
Thread title literally made me say "...What?" aloud.

The Sweater Song worked for me.

And I got my dad with Say it Ain't So. 

it really depends who it is I guess.  And luckily, Weezer's got something to offer fans of most anything.

I have a lot of notches on my Weezer bedpost...

(...wait a sec, that metaphor isn't working out so well any more.)

Anyway, I usually start with Blue, although I was de-Weezer-virginized with Green, oddly enough (I think Maladroit was the latest release at the time?) It was a burned CD, and I was 16 and an idiot and so I colored the top of it with a green crayon...


After a few tracks from that, I started downloading whatever had a fun looking title, and I got into a lot of Pinkerton/B-sides that way--El Scorcho, Tired of Sex, The Good Life, Burndt Jam, Dope Nose, etc.


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