I have more songs by Weezer on my IPod than any other band

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Too many!
Thousands. I will probably never listen to all of the Weezer songs I have.
I only have 153 weezer songs. That is my second most, behind the beatles (267 songs). Weezer is my second favorite band, behing the beatles. My third most is 100 songs of Notorious BIG haha.

i have 345 songs

all the albums plus a lot of b-sides, demos, rarities, unreleased, live and acoustic.


Cheers mates.



all those Maladroit demos and A5 demos really pile up.  And then there are all the bootlegs

310 tracks for me


770, excluding side projects and bootlegs.
geez, wasn't that long ago people would refer to a band's work in terms of albums.  you'd be saying "yeah, i have all five of their albums"....now it's "I have 213 or 770 of their songs".  fricken kids these days.  think i'll go throw a tape into my boombox.


772 combined Weezer and Rivers tracks, not songs, but tracks. Some songs I have about ten versions of because of remixes, live, acoustic, etc. Total time is 1 day, 19 hours, 26 mins, 2.88 GB


I thought I would have a lot more seeing how I virtually need to own everything, even with all the new ustream performances. 


I know I do not have all the Maladroit/A5 demos, I make sure to have at least 2 or 3 versions of each and maybe more if they are really really different. 

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