Let us see who holds the record.........

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Only once. :/
I'll be sure to see them next time they come to town, though. Last time I got Rivers' sweater. :D
But after tomorrow, twice.
Twice. Both memory concerts in Boston. I'll definitely be seeing them the next chance I get.

once in 2002 for Enlightenment Tour

twice in 2005 (With Foo Fighters and also Make Believe Tour)

twice in 2008 during Troublemaker Tour

Once on Blink tour

On Halloween 2009

Once in 2010


so... 8, sorry had to list em all to count em out, I kept skipping lol.

Six now.  Would be Seven if I had made the first one I planned to go to but missed.  DAMN YOU FOOZEEER!!!  I WAS SO CLOSE TO GOING!!

twelve? maybe?

oakland '01 midget tour

arizona may '02 dusty west tour

los angeles may '02 free show at whiskey a go go

concord summer '02 enlightenment tour

san francisco '05? make believe tour

oakland 06? foozer

san jose state hootenany tour

sacramento sleep train amphitheater bleezer tour

los angeles palladium '09

george lopez show may? '10

los angeles axe one night only oct? '10

san francisco dec '10 memories blue

san francisco dec '10 memories pinkerton


i think that's all of them.


Once. :( Bleezer.
I know at least 10...but I can't rely on my memory alone anymore.  I'm going to go through my old ticket stubs to figure it out.  This will be a fun scavenger hunt!
Just once... but I plan on seeing them a few more times in this lifetime. :)
5.  Number 6 will be in Vegas January 20th ;  !!!

you never said Karl can't be a contender.


and sadly, only 1.

isn't Karl technically in Weezer ?


2002 - Brixton Academy , London

2002 - Reading Festival , UK

2010 - Gibson Ampitheatre, L.A

2010 - Gibson Ampitheatre, L.A


So a total of 4 !


At my current trajectory I will be seeing Weezer again twice in 2018

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