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around 10-12 times since pinkerton tour
Well. Being 25. And having the finances of a 25 y.o. Rock-Minion... And, of course, being an Australian... Oh! 0.
(lucky country my expletive)

Never mind.
or "No =w=orries". Rather.
15 since 2001. 16 including the fingerprints jam.
4 times so far
100000000 times.
Last nights pinkerton show was number 15 for me!

I'm on 19. But I went to see them for the Axe show but was denied entry, so I'm still looking for #20. I'm set to hit 20 on 1/21 in Vegas, and I'm way stoked. (In the interest of full disclosure, one of the 19 was a Goat Punishment show in San Diego at the Casbah with Mikey Welsh, but its still Weezer to me, since it had the whole crew).


The majority of the shows have been multiple viewings of the same tour at different locations. Some of the most memorable, you ask?

Universal Amphitheater circa 1995 - with Matt doing his usual histrionics. That was my first show and was my fave for a very long time


With No Doubt at Shoreline Amphitheater circa 1997-1998? Another very memorable show


Foozer, Bleezer, of course, four each I think


With Ben Folds in Nashville in circa 2006. Man that was epic.


Chicago in 2008, followed by a drive to Indiana to see Ben Folds in Fort Wayne the next night. Fun two nights.


I am leaving some out, but I don't have the stubs in front of me! Epic!


Take care, and rock on! =W=!

^^^ -- Impressive!


Re; Karl's count ---

I think he probably lost count by now, therefore couldn't give the highest number for this thread :P

Omletteburning said:

you never said Karl can't be a contender.


and sadly, only 1.

3 times that I can remember, but I'm pretty sure the answer is 4

I thought I was 7 but I think it's unfortunately 6!


2002 Enlightenment Tour

Twice in 2005 for Make Believe

2009 @ the Hard Rock Cafe for Sirius XM session

Halloween 2009

Pinkerton Memories

Only once.

Foozer tour. Tampa Florida


Twas an amazing experience. It was when rivers was breaking out of his shell.. So awesome.

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