How many times have you gone to a Weezer concert/ met Weezer??

I have never been to one of their concerts before and this summer will be my first time. I am excited because I am in the front section and am excited to rock out with Rivers!!!!! I am curious about other people's experiences!

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One concert; no meetings.

Three concerts. I've met Karl and Brian (and shook Rivers' hand as he walked by me).

You'll definitely have a good time.

Twice. They are such a high energy band, infusing their audiences with enthusiasm and fervor. They also have an innate ability to make one swoon or at least to really feel a song like 'Only in Dreams'.

As people they are generous, friendly and down to earth. They also have a great sense of humour.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself Jenny.

I've seen Weezer 4 times in the past year.... did the VIP thing for both Boston shows, saw them in Vegas in January, and saw them in Dallas this spring.  The shows are awesome!  Had the chance to meet all the guys both nights in Boston and really enjoyed meeting them.  Actually my favorite band member to meet was Scott...a super nice guy.   Had a great time watching all the shows!!



18? i think?

I am just that little bit envious of you Ali. (I'm sure you understand).

(Also, despite the wide range of animated smileys made available, I can't seem to find the one appropriate for this post.)

Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:

18? i think?
Twice, but seeing them for a third time on July 1st. I saw them in Toronto in 2009, and though I wasn't in the GA section, it was still an awesome show, especially because of the fact that Rivers ran around almost the entire venue. I saw them again in Chicago for the Pinkerton night of the Memoires Tour. We did VIP for that and it was incredible. I was really worried that the meet and greet was going to be awkward, but all 4 of them and Karl were down to earth and really really nice, especially after I mentioned that I post on

You'll have an awesome time. Weezer is amazing live. 
I've seen them live 6 times now. It's been a blast each time and each show has been better than the last.

I've only seen them one time, and I did not get to meet them.  

The cool thing about the show that I saw is that it was the free concert organized for Ohio State University students during their welcome week last September. I work nearby so I was able to easily walk to the show, making this a rare stress-free concert.  

The band seemed to perform a full set too. I was worried that the set would be abbreviated since admission was free.  The energy and vibe were excellent as well.

First one was during my Eurotrip in 2001 I got to see the end of the concert....really nice guard at the door 

Then 3 full concerts, and I guess a half ( live guest performance).

Never met them but there is so much great music and great energy at the concerts....and you will want to go again and again and again.....

8 times total.  5 times this year (Vegas (Blue + Pink), Dallas, Houston, Austin (Blue), Austin (Pink)).


I've met Pat and Brian once.  Seperate occasions

I have seen Weezer three times and I shook Karl's hand while he was taking pictures on the floor in Portland like 3 years ago....... Speaking of that, in the hopes that Karl might see this I am just wondering why you guys skip Oregon? In 2009 during B********* all of the bands came to Oregon except Weezer so I had to haul up to Seattle (which I now have to do again in August).

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